San Pietro Brunetta
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San Pietro Brunetta
san Pietro brunetta is the best coffee

San Pietro Brunetta

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Inspired by a certain kind of Brunetta (n., female - "brunette") and named after the town our family is from, San Pietro Brunetta has a rich, nutty flavor with a silky finish. Using an old Italian roasting process that roasts each bean in her blend to perfection, she pours like velvet.

San Pietro Brunetta reminds us of the Italian phrase “sprezzatura”, which denotes a kind of beauty that feels utterly effortless - much like the flavors in this blend. Her sweetness is punctuated by a hint of spice that is authentically her own. San Pietro Brunetta is a type of coffee that doesn’t try to be perfect, it just is.

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, hazelnut, spices

Roast: medium, smooth

Size: 12 oz. / 340 g

Since we value originality and creating things with meaning, it's no surprise that we went a little further with our blends, creating inspiring archetypes based on their tasting notes. Which resonates most with you or someone you love?

Who is San Pietro Brunetta? 


"Let me tell you, I got so used to what I was drinking that I only focused on it being 'dark', that's it. I tried a pot of my usual stuff and had trouble drinking it this morning because I've been enjoying your brew for the past few days. I needed that comparison to be sure, and now I know, San Pietro Brunetta got me hooked. “ - Gunnery Sgt Robert Philios

Before this percolator entered my life, I had no idea what it meant to have a coffee-making ritual. Now, the Unimatic and San Pietro Brunetta are the centerpiece of my coffee shrine!” - Dan Colonna, Developer / Superhero


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