Our Legacy

"My father started more businesses than I can count and gave me my first business cards when I was six. Our Unimatic kept us at the breakfast table for hours talking about business, life and people. As I became older, I realized that it was those conversations that made me who I am. I realized how invaluable his teachings were to my own success and how few entrepreneurs have been raised with this mentality. Now, getting to put the Unimatic on the tables of others, inspired me to go a step further and educate young entrepreneurs the way he educated me… over coffee."
Elisabeth Cardiello, Owner Caffe Unimatic
Owner, Caffè Unimatic

The Wagner Fund

Since 2010, The Cardiello Fund for Entrepreneurship has been a mission to recognize and empower young entrepreneurs at Wagner College. Caffè Unimatic contributes towards the annual award distributed to aspirational students with proven capabilities. Paying tribute to Peter Cardiello, this fund advocates his personal mantra "what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve".  
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Legacy Out Loud

Legacy Out Loud has created the methodology that is building the next generation of confident young women leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers. Launched at the UN's celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day in 2015, this organization has already transformed the lives of girls around the country and been recognized by a TEDx Talk called The Most Powerful Question You Never Considered. Watch talk.


Destined to become an entrepreneur? Not sure where to start?
We have partnered with Legacy Out Loud to formed an Ambassador program.