Instructions for use

STEP 1: Fill her up

Using cold water, fill Unimatic exactly to the water level mark located inside the pot, behind the handle. We do not recommend using less than full capacity.

STEP 2: Time for the grinds

Place a half cup of ground coffee (4.5 heaping tablespoons or to taste) into the basket. Center the stem in the circular well at the bottom of unit. Gently slide basket containing coffee onto stem. Be sure basket lid is replaced. Secure cover on unit, pushing glass valve down.  

STEP 3: Ready, set, perk

Place Unimatic onto heat source + turn the heat to high. If using a gas stove make sure the flame hits the heating stone and does not wrap around the sides of the pot.

The Unimatic will begin to perk in about seven minutes if using a gas stove (electric stoves take up to 20). Wait for a strong, fast perk, then lift glass valve gently (we recommend wearing an oven mit as it's hot) and turn off/remove from heat. Place Unimatic on it’s trivet (the stone remains hot, so never set the Unimatic down on an unprotected surface).

STEP 4: Brew to perfection

When you lift the glass valve the water will spread over the grinds and thus, brew your coffee. It will continue to perk for approximately seven minutes and will stop automatically when the perfect pot is ready! When perking completely ceases, push the glass valve back to the down position, pour a cup and enjoy!


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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329