History of the Unimatic Coffee Pot

The Unimatic coffee pot was conceived in Brooklyn and born in Italy over half a century ago. Brought to the world through the research of United Cookware, Inc., a stainless steel cookware company started in 1954 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn by an Italian immigrant named Peter Cardiello, it was the world’s first drip-percolator.

In the 1950s, waking up to the aroma of coffee wafting through the house was part of the American Dream and percolators were the go-to brew method. These types of pots were heated on the stove and “perked” the water up through a stem inside the pot to circulate the water and spread over the coffee grounds inside the basket to brew your coffee. They were known to be able to make great coffee, sometimes. The downside was that the pot needed to consistently be watched on the stove or it would end up over-perking and taste terribly bitter. Timers were set, fingers were crossed, but the only thing consistent about perking coffee was that the perfect cup was elusive…
As an Italian, and coffee lover, Cardiello wasn’t crazy about American brewing techniques. He’d affectionally joke that American coffee tasted like “dishwater.” That said, he was so proud to be an American citizen that he simply couldn’t dismiss the American way altogether and tout Italian coffee as the best. Instead, as any entrepreneur would, he set out to improve the percolator and augment the sacred ritual of coffee in the US. The result, was a reinvention of the percolator, also known as the “Unimatic” coffee pot.

It’s name was derived from a combination of the word “United” as in United Cookware, Inc., and “automatic” because it was the world’s first automatic drip-percolator. The Unimatic combined the perking process, the drip process and the way old Southern Italian stove from the early 20th century functioned. The invention created smooth, rich, arguably superior coffee - consistently. It evenly distributed heat, allowed the coffee to brew at decreasing temperatures, and incorporated the laws of nature to regulate extraction time and perk the perfect cup, every-single-time. Plus, it’s design allowed the pot to perk, away from the stove without wires or additional heat (a feat for the 1950s)!

From a design perspective, the Unimatic was created at at a time when Italian design was the pinnacle of chic. It’s (now) retro elements, from the mirror finish, to bold the bakelite handle, to the shape of the well and spout, to the type face used to inscribe Unimatic on the collar make it a perfect example of the “high Italian design” so famed from this period.
It’s design and functionality were influenced by the stove that Peter saw his mother cooking on growing up in Southern Italy. In the 1930s, these stoves were essentially fire places set below a row of coils that were meant to transfer the heat of the flame to the pot that sat atop them. Short of a science lesson, the beauty of the way the Unimatic brews is also in the method of heat transfer. The slow warming of the water within the same container that the coffee grounds are also present in allows both to rise in temperature together, and allows the coffee to begin to “bloom” before extraction begins, creating a rounder, smoother, richer brew than you’re used to with American coffee.

Discovery of the Unimatics: A love note from a daughter to her Dad.

The origin story of the Unimatic is one of breathing new life into old world traditions, of finding a way to keep generations of our family present in our everyday lives and reestablishing the sacred ritual of morning coffee in our busy schedules. It begins with my Dad…

A native of San Pietro al Tanagro, Italy who left home and settled in Brooklyn in the late 1940s. An entrepreneur through and through, he managed to do a little bit of everything over the course of his life and his passion for business and creativity greatly influenced mine. From a very young age, he involved me in his businesses. What other six year old has their own business cards? While his simply said, “P. Cardiello” with no additional title, mine boldly read, “Elisabeth Cardiello, Owner”... you can see where my future was headed.

Fast forward to the present, his eclectic life and background made clearing out his old office after I lost him when I was 26 years old an interesting task. I found remnants from all of his endeavors; it was as though he was still with me, walking me through his life. Hiding in this Brooklyn building behind a door I always thought led to a closet, I found boxes (stacked to the ceiling!) with no end in sight. I’d stumbled upon a secret warehouse, containing the last roughly 5,000 original models of a unique invention that he owned the patent on, had made in Italy and marketed from this very Brooklyn site in the both the US and Europe over 50 years ago. Rooms literally overflowing with these “drip-percolator” coffee pots, lovingly deemed “The Unimatic”, both stunned and excited me. These little pieces of history were the first, and likely the only, drip-percolators in the world. They function in a very specific way, which was revolutionary back then and is still (and maybe even more) relevant now! They harness the laws of nature to brew the perfect cup of coffee, right on your table, filling the room with that wonderful aroma - like the old days.
In my opinion, aside from the delicious coffee that they brew, the most compelling attribute is that they are the only ones of their kind left in the world. I am convinced that this treasure trove was his last push for me to jump into the waters of entrepreneurship and never look back... and that’s what I did. The Unimatic made me realize that those moments spent at the table together, asking questions, being brave, telling stories, those were the moments that gave me resilience, confidence and helped me find my voice. Those moments made me who I am.

The only thing I knew upon discovering these little gems was that I now had the opportunity to give those moments to ~5,000 other families - the moment that thought landed for me, I was in. There was no turning back. We at Caffè Unimatic believe that coffee is a fairly universal symbol of connection - to others, to ourselves, to the days of our lives and to the world we serve. As such, we believe that coffee has the power to spark change on a daily basis. Clearly, we think a lot about legacy and to us coffee is also a totem of inspiration, hope and positive forward movement. The Unimatic was always the centerpiece of our family table, as if she was "hosting" our conversations and witnessing our bravery. Now, her legacy is getting to host, witness and inspire yours...

Since becoming the purveyor of these little gems, life has been quite a journey - from the TEDx stage sharing both “How a Coffee Pot Changed My Life” and “The Most Powerful Question You’ve Never Considered”, to “Coffee For All” a documentary on Netflix telling our story and now getting to host Brave Conversations Over CoffeeR inside of companies and colleges in an effort to give the world a framework for how to have the hard conversations that we’re bottling up and letting bifurcate us and hold us back - we’re honored to continue sharing our story and inspiration to slow down, preserve traditions started by generations past and come together to be brave… over coffee.

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

When my husband and I finally received and opened the box with the Unimatic inside and I saw your personalized note, it brought tears to my eyes to know that we actually had in our hands part of your family's history. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!!

- Terry, family member of Unimatic #288

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Coffee has this magic of uniting people. In a world so digital, individualistic, I believe Elisabeth does an extra-ordinary job to reconnect the people we love the most. I could not fail remember the excitement and the happiness of receiving in NYC my Unimatic pot directly from the hands of my dear friend Elisabeth. An unforgettable day!

- Zeca, family member of Unimatic #443

I received this Unimatic as a gift yesterday and I am just tickled! The coffee is amazing and so very worth the wait. I love your story; keep on doing what you are doing - we all need an incentive to slow down.

- Hope, family member of Unimatic #526

I'm not functional until I've had my coffee, so I love coming out to the kitchen and seeing her on the stove! We now have our brave conversations, as we always have, with music playing in the background and the most delicious coffee we've ever tasted.

- Peg, family member of Unimatic #534

I love my Unimatic coffee pot. I love the fragrance of fresh perked coffee. it reminds me of the mornings when my grandmother made coffee. When I read about the Unimatic coffee pot I just had to have it. The aroma of fresh perked coffee in my apartment is wonderful and relaxing. The coffee that I ordered with it is also delicious. I keep my coffee pot on the stove, ready for the next day.!!

- Luisa, family member of Unimatic #603

We are so very happy for the Unimatic that we received yesterday :) This morning my wife bicycled to the local bakery for some croissants, meanwhile I cleaned the Unimatic and prepared for our morning coffee :) The coffee was outstanding and we simply love the Unimatic! We had a good long chat and enjoyed our coffee and croissant outside.

- Sturla, family member of Unimatic #625

I have to say I was emotional when I opened the box and unwrapped the Unimatic. My love of coffee comes from my Mom and Neapolitan grandmother. My fondest memories were in the summer and my parents liked to sit outside in the backyard talking after dinner and I would make coffee for all using that coffee pot. My Italian grandma loved afternoon coffee with anisette, and having coffee when visiting was a time to gather and chat. I hope I can persuade my daughter to slow down and enjoy a cup of Caffè Unimatic with me, she does love coffee.

- Madeleine, family member of Unimatic #630

My husband and I tried the San Pietro Brunetta and it was love at first sip and absolutely the best coffee that we have ever tasted. We can't wait for more...

- Christine, family member

Your Brunetta blend is a delight to the pallet! It is truly a different taste than an American coffee blend...roasting slow makes a better cup using the Unimatic in my opinion. Having the Unimatic with the Brunetta blend has made our mornings more pleasurable than ever....the coffee is rich with flavor as well as the conversation it stimulates while we slowly drink the pot. Thank you for creating the environment for an awesome morning to take place!

- Kimberly, family member of Unimatic #644

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and making coffee in my new Caffè Unimatic pot is the highlight of my meal-making ritual. Lingering over that mug of coffee while I work at my computer seems to “ground” me for the day. So far, I’ve only tried your San Pietro Brunetta blend (which I ❤️!) but I look forward to enjoying your Roma Bionda and Milano Mora blends, too. The big question is, is it ok to have more than one favorite?!

- Maria, family member of Unimatic #647

First of all I love, love my Unimatic! I first saw you on the Netflix documentary and fell in love with your story. I have a very similar coffee connection with my grandparents and I started drinking coffee with my grandma when I was about 5. I love the connection you make with your customers! I ordered my Unimatic and had it delivered to my best friends house to ensure it’s safe arrival. We seasoned it, made a couple of pots and tried different coffees with it. By the time we were done my friends ordered one for themselves!

- Ami, family member of Unimatic #649

I am blown away but honestly my intuition was right and I am not surprised. All the coffees are divine, and the coffee pot makes breathtaking brews.

- Alex, family member of Unimatic #656

I have never tasted or smelled coffee like this before. Even in Italy, I never had such an amazing cup of coffee as this one. Until now, my best cup ever was at Glile in Florence and they have been making coffee for hundreds of years. :+) I’ve been roasting my own coffee for 10 years as I couldn’t find a decent coffee. Now I am questioning my hard earn roasting skills!

- Jeff, family member of Unimatic #670

My wife & I have been thoroughly enjoying our Unimatic percolator. We never thought we would revert back to a method of coffee-making that seemed outdated, but we must say the taste of the coffee from the Unimatic is much smoother and more flavorful. No more bitter coffee for us! The Unimatic has become part of our morning ritual and we are enjoying every cup.

- Manny, family member of Unimatic #674

She arrived yesterday afternoon. We carefully unwrapped her packing and set her up to ‘season’ her, to then prepare her for her inaugural pot of coffee. She’s absolutely beautiful and we’re thrilled to be part of the Unimatic Coffee family. Thank you for the prompt shipment, great communication and, of course, the wonderful coffee!!!!

- Dorothy, family member of Unimatic #676

My Unimatic is my favorite thing I have bought in a long time. It is absolutely beautiful and brings me joy. I love the sound of the perk, I love how beautiful it looks on my table and it makes great coffee!! I love it!❤️ I speak Italian, have traveled to Italy Many times and have many friends in Italy. Every time I use it, I slow down, enjoy the conversation and feel like I’m in Italy!

- Shannon, family member of Unimatic #689

I must say, I love my Unimatic. The coffee is so pure, no burned taste, just perfection. I am the only caffeine consumer in our home which creates leftover coffee in the pot. I let it cool down and pour the remainder into a Mason jar and then straight into the fridge. Later in the day or the next morning I reheat a cup of it in the microwave and am good to go. Aesthetically, the pot looks nice sitting on the kitchen counter awaiting its next trip to the stovetop. So....A+++ on the Unimatic! Your father created a great percolator that solved the problem of over brewing. Also, the opening and unpacking of the box upon arrival was like Christmas morning! So much fun. You have done a brilliant job by including so much joy with the arrival of the Unimatic at one’s home.

- Jack, family member of Unimatic #703

First when I opened the package it was beautiful and I could tell just from that, how you value your product. Presentation does count and yours was perfect! I have been drinking coffee for years and I really thought that I knew what coffee tastes like. But sometimes in your life, you have a ""WOW"" experience that you will never forget. The first cup from the Unimatic was the FIRST TIME I ever tasted coffee!!! I really mean it! It was sooooo smooth and flavorful. I don't remember how I found your product but I equate that to finding a gold nugget amid a ton of rocks!! What a find...

- Robert, family member of Unimatic #708

From the moment I decided to purchase a Unimatic, even before watching the Netflix special, I had a feeling that this was more than “just a coffee pot.” The whole experience, from the website to the TED talk, to watching “Coffee for All,” to your Instagram, to the service I’ve received from your office....it has all been wonderful.

- Stephanie, family member of Unimatic #714

"We received our Unimatic yesterday and my wife was very surprised and excited to try it out. In her words, “this is such a cool gift”. 😁 We had the first cup of Brunetta this morning and we can really taste the difference. The coffee was warm and light."

- Daniel, family member of Unimatic #771

"Ciao, Elisabeth! I love my Unimatic even more than I imagined! My family is Colombian, so coffee is very, very important to us. I can't wait to share this with my parents in Florida when I see them in March. I am looking forward to a wonderful reunion over coffee!!"

- Victoria, family member of Unimatic #786

"So excited, it’s a beautiful treasure, thank you Team Unimatic and you lovely Elisabeth"

- Margo, family member of Unimatic #794

"We love, love Gioia - our new name for our Unimatic. She has brought a lot of joy in our coffee experience and has become a beloved fixture in our kitchen. The Brunetta is a delicious coffee and we look forward to trying Milano Mora in the future. We are excited to be a part of the family and #813 (and thank you for making that happen) Gioia is happy in her new home."

- Briles, family member of Unimatic #813

"The Unimatic experience is delightful, especially during my routine chill out Sunday mornings. Your product is as advertised and most enjoyable. Good things come to those who wait and taking the time to brew a pot is well worth it. The aromas coming from the percolator are a pleasure to breath in early in the day. I am not a fan of heavily flavoured aromatic blends, I prefer the coarse espresso types. This being said, the Brunetta’s hazelnut is very soft and light. Enjoyable for sure."

- Denis, family member and owner of #826

"Our little family of three would like to say - yes, you have perfected coffee! Never have we enjoyed preparing coffee with such eager anticipation as it sits for 7-minutes of brewing and our taste buds perk up waiting for the rich, well-balanced, no bitterness mouthful of Milano Mora. Conversations are just the natural result of such a lovely process. And, the opportunity to start the day with this ritual (no phones allowed as we honor the brewing!) resulted in less stress, more smiles - and, of course, greater connection. But, Elisabeth, your journey is exceptional - thank you for sharing your father's story, for continuing to share this tradition, and for having the best beans we have ever tasted!"

- Rupal, family member and owner of #828

"I am enjoying my Unimatic with #832. I can appreciate all the hard work that went into it’s design and manufacture. Hidden treasures like this do not come around too often in anyone’s lifetime. I remember the old percolator my mother used but cannot recall its make. I enjoy the ritual of preparing to brew a fresh pot of coffee each day, and hoping there will be enough to save for an Iced coffee later in the day. I will occasionally raise my cup and thank God for creating the coffee bean plant, the man he created in his image who decided it would be a good idea to use that plants fruit to make this magical beverage, and your father for his creation of the perfect vessel with which to brew this timeless, universally revered beverage."

- Ken, family member and owner of #832

"I have one of the little gems and love it!!!!"

- Tami, family member and owner of Unimatic #843

"Well, we got out with the motor home last weekend, and the Unimatic did not disappoint. It was awesome! It brews the coffee to perfection, with a smoothness that is hard to describe. The second cup is as good or better than the first, with the Unimatic maintaining the perfect temperature. Thank you for offering this gem to the world, we will be enjoying it thoroughly in the weeks, months, and years to come!"

- Erik, family member and owner of #858

"Thank You - the Unique Unimatic has been an amazing instrument for enjoying excellent cuppa-coffee every day for myself and Family/Friends - I did gift one of the Unimatics and the recipient was Over-The-Moon with the Wonderful gift. Thank You Elisabeth for this Wonderful addition to Our Lives - I have told many people of the ""New and Best Coffee Experience I know"""

- Greg, family member and owner of #862

"It’s here!!!!! I love simple and elegant things, and the Unimatic is that, but when you add coffee and perk it you receive a complex (but inviting) great cup of coffee. I looked at my coffee cups trying to decide which one will serve my first cup. It was the coffee cup from my dad. I thought about him while drinking my first cup. I felt the hug in the mug. Thank you for sharing the Unimatic and adopting me in to the family."

- Carol, family member and owner of #865

"We just tried our Unimatic and love it. My husband and I love our coffee and remember our parents and grandparents coffee pots from a long time ago. The Caffe Unimatic brings us back. We so love to sit around and have a great cup of coffee over conversation. The Unimatic will provide us with years of memories and for that we thank you!"

- Sue & Jack, family members and owners of #874

"I do love my Unimatic. It is proudly displayed on my kitchen counter just waiting to brew the next delicious pot of coffee for our family. It probably sounds SO weird that a coffee percolator would mean this much to me but it does. It reminds me of times when I was very little sitting with my grandparents at their kitchen table or out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest on camping trips. I love the process/ritual of making my coffee in the Unimatic, the sound of the percolator brewing, and the delicious lingering smell in my home when it is done brewing! The best part is pouring my coffee and enjoying it in the morning. I guess it reminds of simpler times with people whom I loved deeply and think of often. We now always have cold coffee in the fridge but it doesn’t last long because we have been enjoying iced coffee on a regular basis. I appreciate Elisabeth and her commitment to finding these treasures (the Unimatic) good homes. I also love the focus on in-person communication. Having a Unimatic also lessens my families carbon footprint on the planet, which I am in favor of. I hope others who purchase the Unimatic love it just as much as I do!"

- Lisa, family member and owner of #884

"Love the coffee maker. Simple to use and makes a wonderful cup. I am very into coffee and thought this would be a neat way to brew coffee every now and then - and now the Unimatic is my primary method of brewing. I like how simple it is to use, how great of a cup it makes, and how it keeps the coffee warm for hours! The build quality and history are a huge plus!"

- Matt, family member and owner of #898

"I am very proud to own my very special Unimatic coffee pot. I love the taste of the San Pietro Brunetta coffee sample and definitely prefer it as an after-dinner blend."

- Anthea, family member and owner of #901

"Ok we got the beautifully packaged Unimatic yesterday and had coffee yesterday evening…OH MY GOOOOOOODNESS I wasn’t prepared for it to be so perfect. We own a wood fired pizzeria and a coffee shop..and this makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Thank you SO MUCH! We are thrilled to have this beautiful and delicious piece of history"

- Amy, family member and owner of #922

"I decided to buy this coffee pot because coffee in our family is very much a family affair. My son and husband love coffee, as a family with Italian grandparents the story alone of your father was enough for me to invest in this coffee pot. The way it brews and you get piping hot coffee is wonderful. I look forward to my kids coming home from college for thanksgiving and enjoying conversations over our new coffee pot! Thank you again it will definitely make them put down their phones! Looking forward to many mornings with out Unimatic"

- Elena, family member and owner of #966

"I wanted to let you know that the lovely Unimatic of #967 has arrived safe and sound, and immediately became my family favourite. We all love the gentle sound it makes while brewing coffee. It indeed is a lovely addition to a cold autumn morning scene!"

- Gemma, family member and owner of #967

"The Unimatic has been an awesome addition to our kitchen:-) We really enjoy our coffees on the weekends and the beautiful aroma that fills the house when it’s perking. While drinking a couple cups of your blonde coffee made on the Unimatic, we recently decided to buy a house in Italy:-D Well, build a house in Italy (Sardinia). We plan to spend Christmas 2023 there sipping on some of your coffee:-)

- Randall. family member and owner of #989

"I had bought the Unimatic for my husband as a Christmas gift, a little while ago. He finally got to open his gift this morning! I told him I loved your story and that’s what sold me to get this for him and I hoped he’d like it. After unwrapping his gift, he went ahead and followed the directions to get it started. He threw out the first batch, per instructions, and brewed a second batch. He LOVED it! (I think he liked how cute it looked sitting in it’s stand on the counter, too. ;)) But, he liked it so much that he went online and purchased another one for our vacation home! :) (Now THAT, I wasn’t expecting. But am super excited that he did.) I tried a cup as well. (I’m typically an espresso drinker.) I had forgotten how yummy actual coffee tasted. We were both super impressed with how long the coffee stayed hot, too! Needless to say, I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when he brews another pot and I hope he saves a cup for me! :) Thank you for sharing your dad’s invention with the rest of us and we hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!"

- Nichole, family member and owner of #1012

"Greetings to the Unimatic family, I'm the caretaker of Unimatic #1034, Giana. From my first pot I knew this was the way to make coffee! Learning to grind coffee beans to the right consistency and allowing the brewing cycle to finish were the two biggest hurdles to overcome in order to produce the best pot of coffee. Not only does my Unimatic make good coffee, it also lends class to our dining room. For me, owning a Unimatic is more than just having another coffee maker, it’s an avenue and tool to connect with others. To begin conversations and create understanding and in the end, enjoy a good cup of coffee! Blessings and good thoughts to the Unimatic family! Peace, John"

- John, family member and owner of #1034

"This thing is a beautiful work of art!"

- Mike, family member and owner of #1047

"Love waking up to the rich scent of the coffee brewing w our Unimatic .We take turns making the coffee ,it’s really quite enjoyable .It’s always a ray of sunshine ,& comforts the soul."

- Beth, family member and owner of #1074

"Good morning Elisabeth. I finally received my Unimatic today! I am absolutely thrilled! Elisabeth, your father was way ahead of his time in his Unimatic percolator design. I am thrilled to be trying out your beautiful coffee as well, and I can’t impress upon you enough how stunning your presentation is. It’s a beautiful, as well as very rustic! It really made my day to receive it and become an official part of the Unimatic family! I will sing you the Unimatic praises all oven and will be hosting a Unimatic ladies party with pastries and great conversations! Your father would be so proud of you! I am inspired by your stories…"

- Yvonne, family member and owner of #1099

"I had a Unimatic on my bucket list. Well, no more! I took the plunge and #1126 now has a new home and we couldn't be happier. The best part, and pretty existential, is that 1126 is my birthday. Like, wow! It's definitely a sign. Have Brunetta ready to go and plan to get connected with our new family member this weekend. Can't wait!"

- Kelli, family member and owner of #1126

"I received my lovely package today - my new Unimatic and coffee, cute note, and wow, the coffee beans smell amazing - thank you so much! Rest assured, it will be well-taken care of in a cozy kitchen with a new kitchen table, pretty garden outside and a brand new stove to brew with. 🙂"

- Jen, family member and owner of #1147

"My husband, Dave, absolutely loves it. He is a morning coffee drinker and make a pot to take to work in this thermos. The aroma as we are having breakfast and getting ready for work is so comfortable. So glad we watched the Netflix show."

- Denise, family member and owner of #1242

"My husband surprised me with the purchase of a Unimatic. The relationship that I shared with my father was also a very close one, sharing conversations about family, work, and life over a warm cup of coffee was a common practice that we enjoyed sharing with each other very much. My father passed also and I see similarly as you do, that our relationship is "suspended" until we meet again. Now to our experiences with the Unimatic and its first use and taste of the San Pietro Brunetta...... we absolutely love it! The time to brew the coffee in the Unimatic was shared with my husband, as we enjoyed time shared with each other. The smell and warm taste of the coffee, well we loved it! Sitting on our kitchen counter is the Unimatic. Not only do we plan to use it often, but it serves as a reminder of the many memories I shared over a warm cup of coffee with my father. We absolutely love Caffe Unimatic! Not just the coffee pot itself, but also for the experience and "ritual" in the time it takes to boil, percolate, and steep. By the time we pour our cups and set the pot on the trivet between us, a relaxed mood has already been established as we sip and chat. In our busy lives we've become used to grabbing our coffee on the run and quickly making our way to work, whether at the location of our employers or in our home offices. Caffe Unimatic encourages a slowing down in the routine. It's natural and familiar since it's the way we both were introduced to coffee drinking, around the tables of our parents, grandparents, and extended family, lingering in conversation. At those tables, with the old percolator as a centerpiece, decisions were made, problems were solved, and family stories were told across generations. Our Unimatic has inspired us to carry on the tradition. Thank you all so very much."

- Joe & Maria Grandinetti, family members and owner of #1329

"As soon as we received our Unimatic we seasoned the pot per the instructions. Immediately after we brewed our first pot using the bag of Brunetta included with the pot. Wow! Every word and phrase used to describe the coffee is true! This is the best, smoothest, least bitter, most flavorful coffee we've ever brewed home. We're planning a trip and of course our Unimatic is coming with us. Thanks!!"

- Berthier Maciel, family member of Unimatic #1359

"I will finally have the time this morning to sit and read the sweet instruction booklet. Then make and enjoy the wonderful smelling coffee in this BEAUTIFUL coffee maker! This coffee maker reminds me of when I was a little girl. Going to my grandmother’s house. Watching her make coffee on a gas stove with a similar coffee pot maker. But, not beautiful like this Jewel! It’s like a piece of artwork!!! Almost to pretty to use! But, what wonderful memories I have that my grandmother gave to me! "

- Treasia Bouton, family member of Unimatic #1324

"I love my Unimatic & have been spreading the word to all of my friends & family!! Your documentary touched my heart on many levels and I had to place an order for a Unimatic the very next day! As a first generation Italian American, I felt such a connection to everything you said about your father, Italian heritage and family values. I wanted to thank you for sharing your heartwarming family story. Your relationship with your father was & is so special, cherish the memories."

- Antonella, family member of Unimatic #1381

"I absolutely loved the San Pietro Brunetta, both hot from the pot and over ice later that day. The coffee was smooth, balanced and complex but not complicated. My first pot of coffee using the Unimatic was so perfect that I couldn’t wait to brew a second pot the next day. I had practiced portioning the coffee, placing the stem and getting the glass top in position the night before my first pot, which efforts resulted in the smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. I started having coffee with my dad when I was 5, in the early 60’s; granted, it was mostly milk at that time but the tradition continued. He’s gone now, of course, but the memories remain and my love of coffee has never wavered. That first, perfectly brewed cup of the day is my meditative connection to the universe While watching the documentary, Coffee for All, I just knew I had to locate a Unimatic, new or used, even if only in collectible condition; that I was able to obtain a brand new vintage pot that is useable (and in it’s original box!) makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing the Unimatic with those of us in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee every morning. As I am the sole coffee drinker in my house, I look forward to the rest of the pot over ice this afternoon!"

- Audrey, family member of Unimatic #1398

"The Azzurri is just as described. I am a total Nutella fan, and could pick out that flavor in this rich coffee. A new favorite! We love the theater of watching the off-stove percolation. I am old enough to remember the days growing up in Minnesota when my parents and aunts/uncles would get together over coffee to play cards and talk. I have that image burned in my memory. They didn’t have a Unimatic, but they would have if they had known about it. Great fun!"

- Jeff, family member of Unimatic #1394

"Today we received your 10th anniversary coffee that I will make for tomorrow’s breakfast. After 4 trials on the Unimatic, I finally made a fabulous pot of coffee, smooth, strong yet not bitter! Absolutely fantastic! The BEST coffee I have ever tasted and certainly that I have made at home. Right now I am enjoying it cold, on crushed ice with sweet cream. Perfect! Thank you for the “coffee love” as I enjoy every sip as well! Ciao Ciao…..."

- Cindy, family member of Unimatic #1284

"I LOVE my Unimatic and the delicious coffee that comes out of it! It has the richness that I was missing and I just love the bit of dark swirl at the bottom of the cup. It reminds me of my grandmother and her beautiful coffee, kitchen table, and a time when things were much slower. Thank you!!!"

- Lenda, family member of Unimatic #1407