Roma Bionda
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Roma Bionda
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Roma Bionda

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Inspired by a certain kind of Bionda (n., female - "blonde") and named after Italy’s most popular city, Roma Bionda is light and juicy with a creamy complexity. Using an Old Italian roasting process that roasts each bean in her blend to perfection, Bionda has a delicate finish.

Roma Bionda has never been poured into a cup that wasn’t left empty. Her light character is so agreeable that she appeals to casual coffee drinkers as well as connoisseurs. Roma Bionda will leave you wanting more in the most delightful way. A second cup is often encouraged!

Tasting notes: milk chocolate, basil, licorice

Roast: light, clean

Size: 12 oz. / 340 g

Since we value originality and creating things with meaning, it's no surprise that we went a little further with our blends, creating inspiring archetypes based on their tasting notes. Which resonates most with you or someone you love?

Who is Roma Bionda?


“I’m obsessed with Roma Bionda. I’ve never tasted anything like it, and I taste a LOT of coffee.” - Gabriel Navarro, Soho House Coffee Curator - North America

“Now THAT'S a cup of coffee! I always want a second cup of Bionda. It's so creamy and complex.” - Kate, Consultant

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"The Unimatic changed my life. I somehow found an extra 20 minutes in my morning to perk my coffee and as a result, I’m more grounded, creative, productive and happy. The Unimatic is my daily miracle."

- Greg Dell'Aquila, President, Mission 50 Workspaces

"It’s the coolest coffee pot in the world."

- Trevor Owens, Entrepreneur and Author

"Complimenting the Unimatic is like complimenting a Rolls Royce. You just don't. It's beyond compliments. You don't say, 'Nice Rolls Royce' - the Unimatic is the classic."

- DJ Cynthia Cherish, Heritage Radio