Perk Up

Because we’ve perfected coffee.

Introducing the Drip-Percolator

The Unimatic brews coffee in a special kind of way. Using a slow perking technique invented in 1962, it makes the smoothest cup around. These rare collectibles are the last in the world and were handcrafted in Italy over half a century ago. How they were found is a special kind of story.

Now selling: Lot 3, original Unimatic #'s 200-300.

Hand crafted coffee blends

Caffé Unimatic all natural coffee combines premium beans with an Italian roasting technique that has been passed down for generations. The end result - the most delicious coffee you have ever tasted.

Inspired by a discovery, made with love.

Caffè Unimatic is a coffee company born out of a father's legacy, a daughter's passion and a humble discovery. With roots that date back half a century, today Caffè Unimatic proudly sells the last original Unimatic coffee pots in the world along with a line of all natural, hand crafted coffee. Using the finest beans and Old World Italian roasting techniques, Caffè Unimatic creates the most perfect cup of coffee.

Owner, Caffè Unimatic