How we came to be

Gather around the table, this is a story you've never heard.

caffe unimatic peter cardiello

It Took an Italian to Perfect Coffee

It all started in 1950's Brooklyn. Peter Cardiello, a young Italian entrepreneur, decided it was time for America to experience the perfect cup of coffee. Through the research of his company, United Cookware, "The Unimatic", the world's only drip- percolator that used the laws of nature to perfect the coffee brewing process, was born.

And a Daughter to Share it with the World

Fifty years later the world lost him and his young daughter carried on his legacy after she stumbled across a secret stash of original Unimatic pots. Today Caffè Unimatic proudly creates hand crafted coffee blends, using the finest beans and old Italian roasting techniques. And yes, The original Unimatic coffee pot is still around, but in limited supply.


And Inspire the Next Generation

It is our mission to inspire others to linger at the table and connect over coffee, to ask one more question or share one more story, to keep the Cardiello family's tradition alive for years to come. We see coffee as much more than a commodity or even a morning staple; to us, coffee is a sacred ritual, a platform for change and the symbol of our legacy.

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