Who is San Pietro Brunetta?

The best way to describe this blend, is by describing HER...

Italians have a word for women like her - “sprezzatura.” It denotes a kind of beauty that feels utterly effortless. You’ve probably seen her riding her bicycle through the valley where her hometown, San Pietro al Tanagro, is nestled into a hillside filled with olive trees, her brown hair and floral print dress blowing in the breeze as she passes by. She is the embodiment of the perfect hostess - confident, warm and inviting. Her sweetness is punctuated by a hint of spice that is authentically her own. The entire town knows her, as they should. She’s turned her father’s old cafe into the most popular spot in town and people from all over the valley flock to the piazza, as if just to watch her float from table to table making her patrons smile.

SAN PIETRO BRUNETTA  Dark Chocolate | Hazelnut | Spice

We've always referred to the Unimatic as "she," just like any gorgeous, high quality piece of machinery... so naming our coffee naturally fell in line.