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Milano Scura

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Inspired by a certain kind of Scura (adj., female - "dark haired woman") and named after the most glamorous city in Italy, Milano Scura is bold and bright. Using an Italian roasting process that roasts each bean in her blend to perfection, she has a signature smooth finish.

Milano Scura is a dark, full flavored blend. With each sip you’ll notice a subtle mix of flavors that compliment one another. She makes a cup of coffee that is hard to forget.

Tasting notes: cucumber, walnut, blood orange peel

Roast: bold, bright

Ingredients: all natural Arabica and Robusta beans

Size: 12 oz. / 340g

Who is Milano Scura? 


“I remember meeting Elisabeth at CoffeeFest and I knew in that moment she was special and that her coffee loving company would be special. I’m a proud owner of one of the original Unimatics and I share her boundless blended love with everyone in my home- via the Unimatic! I'm currently obsessed with the Scura blend.” - Robert Galinsky, Author of Coffee Crazy and creator of Coffee: The Musical

“Australian coffee culture is among the most sophisticated in the world and I had a difficult time finding comparable coffee while living in New York City... until I tried Milano Scura. Any Australian would love this bold blend.” - James Turle, CTO and Co-Founder, FoyerLive

“I used to hate how bitter dark roasts could taste, but Scura is smooth and simply perfect!” - Lauren T., Tastemaker and Entrepreneur

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