Brave Conversations Over Coffee

There are too many conversations that aren't being had, on the geopolitical level, within companies, communities and even around our tables at home - and it's hurting us. Caffè Unimatic is proud to be using coffee as a tool to inspire transformational bravery in communication to support real connection, innovation, leadership and mental health in companies, schools, communities and families by bringing humans together around the table to take brave steps forward... over coffee.

Follow our brave journey.

Why now?

The world is at once supremely connected and supremely disconnected. We're facing a combination of factors begging us to embrace that which makes us human: Loneliness is the new #1 killer, above cigarette smoking and obesity. Discussions of diversity and inclusion bifurcate us more than bind us. AI is changing the landscape of work and threatening the security of many. What if we could access the underpinning of that which unifies us?  

What’s happening?

Research shows that managers spend 24% of their time dealing with conflict, but 70% of employees avoid these conversations, meaning the majority of conflicts never rise to the surface - the silent killer of forward momentum. This is due to lack of trust, fear of failure and an inability to feel comfortable being vulnerable. However, the bedrock of creativity, innovation and change is rooted in that which we are avoiding: vulnerability. It’s time we learn how to create spaces for our teams and families to thrive.

Why be brave?

We believe that “brave conversation” is the bridge to dynamic change. Whether at work, home, or on a broader scale, we can desire and even fight for change, but it will only be sustainable when we are able to genuinely want the person sitting across the table from us to be well - no matter how different they are from us. Sharing ourselves and becoming more conscious of the experience of others is the next necessary evolution in our culture and holds the key to our path forward - and that takes bravery.

Why coffee?

Coffee is the global symbol of connection - to others, to ourselves, to the days of our lives, and to the world we serve. As such, it has the power to spark change on a daily basis. Since we think a lot about legacy, to us it's also a totem of inspiration, hope and positive forward movement. The Unimatic was always the centerpiece of our family table, as if she was "hosting" our conversations and witnessing our bravery. Now, her legacy is getting to host, witness and inspire yours...

What’s possible?

We believe that Brave Conversations Over Coffee is a movement that changes us as humans and thus, changes the world we live in. What if something that you do every day could act as a catalyst to make you better you? The latest brain science research states that we are our most visionary, creative, and capable when we are able to find safety in connection to others and to ourselves. Your job, your team, and your family are dependent on how you choose to show up, so when do you plan to be brave?

Although we’ve been facilitating these conversations for over a decade, we have been officially gathering diverse groups around tables and to spark conversation, empathy and understanding that was not previously accessible since 2018. We've created a simple structure, infused with neuroscience research and tools, for introducing this practice into the world. Note: simple doesn't always mean easy, but if it were easy, we wouldn't be in the state we're in. In 2019, we committed to having at least 52 Brave Conversations Over Coffee and the results have been mind-blowing. If this sounds transformative, that's because it is. We began sharing this practice within corporations, colleges and the community and we’d love to talk about how it could benefit you and yours. Learn more about how Brave Conversations Over Coffee works...

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329