Who is Milano Mora?

The best way to describe this blend, is by describing HER... "The Pioneer"

Milan is in her veins and "iconic" is the only way to describe her. She’s bold, the epitome of glamour and intrigue. The embodiment of her city, she is highly educated, cultured and an avid fan of sport. You've seen her around, always in true Milanese style: tailored, timeless, transcendent; she even walks with purpose. Hailing from the city, she has an edge, but her presence isn't intimidating as one would expect. Rather, her warmth and character draw you in even more. You've heard that she has a way with words; she has a way with everything. She’s a trailblazer, a pioneer, a future space tourist. Like the cosmos, she is at once defined by her captivating darkness and glowing light. She is a beacon to those around her…


MILANO MORA  Cucumber | Walnut | Blood Orange Peel




We've always referred to the Unimatic as "she," just like any gorgeous, high quality piece of machinery, so naming our coffee naturally fell in line.

*Note: This is the same blend as Milano Scura (we just realized that "Mora" is the more technically correct way to refer to a "dark haired woman" in Italian). 

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329