Who is Milano Mora?

The best way to describe this blend, is by describing HER... "The Pioneer"

Milan is in her veins and "iconic" is the only way to describe her. She’s bold, the epitome of glamour and intrigue. The embodiment of her city, she is highly educated, cultured and an avid fan of sport. You've seen her around, always in true Milanese style: tailored, timeless, transcendent; she even walks with purpose. Hailing from the city, she has an edge, but her presence isn't intimidating as one would expect. Rather, her warmth and character draw you in even more. You've heard that she has a way with words; she has a way with everything. She’s a trailblazer, a pioneer, a future space tourist. Like the cosmos, she is at once defined by her captivating darkness and glowing light. She is a beacon to those around her…


MILANO MORA  Cucumber | Walnut | Blood Orange Peel




We've always referred to the Unimatic as "she," just like any gorgeous, high quality piece of machinery, so naming our coffee naturally fell in line.

*Note: This is the same blend as Milano Scura (we just realized that "Mora" is the more technically correct way to refer to a "dark haired woman" in Italian). 

What the Unimatic family is saying…

"The Unimatic changed my life. I somehow found an extra 20 minutes in my morning to perk my coffee and as a result, I’m more grounded, creative, productive and happy. The Unimatic is my daily miracle."

- Greg Dell'Aquila, President, Mission 50 Workspaces

"It’s the coolest coffee pot in the world."

- Trevor Owens, Entrepreneur and Author

"Complimenting the Unimatic is like complimenting a Rolls Royce. You just don't. It's beyond compliments. You don't say, 'Nice Rolls Royce' - the Unimatic is the classic."

- DJ Cynthia Cherish, Heritage Radio