The Cardiello Fund for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at Wagner College

We set up this fund in 2010, in memory of the man who inspired us to think BIG! We wanted something to bear his name forever. One day, we see his name on a diploma or a building or a program (we weren’t kidding about thinking big)… 

Each year since at Wagner College, the fund recognizes the most entrepreneurial student on campus, the student that’s had the greatest impact on the campus and community. We are currently collaborating with folks from across the nation to create a program unlike any other in this place that we call our second home. Wagner’s deep root in civic engagement and experiential learning has laid a perfect foundation for this moment in time, and we’re excited to make it real! We are raising funds to endow a program that will teach students to think and act entrepreneurially and empower even more young people to live by the phrase “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” - like Dad taught me. 

Support us with a donation  Select your amount, under "Designation" select "Other" from the drop down menu and type in "The Cardiello Fund for Entrepreneurship" [BIGGEST thanks to you!]

Curious about our phenomenal winners and their accomplishments? Check them out here!

Also, in 2014, our efforts were recognized on a national level. Because of our commitment to preserving the legacy of entrepreneurship through this Fund and our annual community soccer tournament/fundraiser, we were chosen as the Major League Soccer / Wells Fargo Community MVP representing the NY RedBulls! This honor was extra special for us, since aside from being one of only 18 honorees nationwide, soccer and the RedBulls in particular, have been such a huge part of our life and personal story. Learn more

We’d love for you to join us if you’re in the New York area (and even if you’re not)! Learn More

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