The Most Thoughtful Gift You Can Give

As we settle in for another holiday season, we love to take this time to reflect on all that's been and, as this perfectly-timed-and-named holiday suggests, give thanks. A big theme for us this year has been travel, but through the airports and suitcases, different countries and cultures, emerged a new feeling - a feeling of being at home in our rituals, no matter where we physically are. We realized that if we can continue doing those little things that bring us comfort, we will always be "at home" with ourselves... which, when you think about it, is really the over arching goal of life, isn't it?

This brings us to coffee - because let's face it, somehow everything does. Coffee is universal. It has the power to connect us all in a way that not many other things in this world can. It is the universal sign of conversation, connection, brainstorming and break time. We always talk about how the Unimatic kept our family at the breakfast table long after most normal households would have gotten up. We talk about how it connected us to our loved ones, to who we are, what we believe and what we are capable of. What we learned this year is that inasmuch as coffee can connect us to others, it also has the power to connect us to ourselves...

Sometimes our coffee is the only part of the day that we can rely on. It can be the only moment of calm before the craziness ensues, so: what if, in making your coffee each morning, you named something you were grateful for with each scoop? Or, if you only make your coffee on the weekends and grab it to-go during the week: what if your first three sips were dedicated to you and the three things you care most about? If you really want to jump in, what if you allowed yourself to just be while you had your coffee each morning - not engaging with work, not troubleshooting, reading emails or doing anything but whatever it is that would make you smile? What we learned about leadership this year is that you cannot show up for others (or for your work or business) if you're not showing up for yourself, so this holiday season we hope you will think about a your coffee a bit differently and choose to make an already established ritual fueling in a new way. 

So, as we settle in for Thanksgiving week here in the US, we are wishing you and yours a renewed love for your favorite morning ritual that has the power to make you a better you.

P.S. The recommendations above are not random, there is brain science and research behind practices of those sorts. They've been shown to reduce stress, change the way your brain is wired and increase positive emotions. Truth. 

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