Three Great Ways to Gift Coffee this Holiday Season!

1. To friends, family, colleagues or your holiday hosts: they've never had coffee quite like this. We roast in New York using using old Italian secrets and beans that have never been touched by chemicals of any kind. 

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2. To someone special: captivate the senses of any true coffee lover with an original, vintage Unimatic. It is hands down the most meaningful gift you can give. It symbolizes connection - to the past, to the present, to the future, to others, to oneself and to one's legacy. If you don't know the crazy story behind this pot, go watch the TEDx talk about it! Also, it brews differently than you've ever seen (we don't say we've perfected coffee for nothing!) and since they are quite rare, they won't be available forever.

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3. To someone we can help: we are excited to announce that our hard work has culminated in the launch of something very special. Our extensive travels, speaking engagements, research and teaching has officially become part of what we do at Caffè Unimatic - an Ambassador Program! If there is someone in your life who wants to turn their love of coffee into something greater, seems a little stuck or unsure about their future, wants to learn a little more about themselves, how to more effectively communicate, "sell" and start a business - we are publicly launching Unimatic University: Level 1 - Reverse Engineering Your Career (over coffee) in January 2017. We hope you will help us spread the word, grow our Caffè Unimatic family and help others feel as confident and excited about life as we do right now!

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unimatic university, reverse engineering your career over coffee

What the Unimatic family is saying…

"The Unimatic changed my life. I somehow found an extra 20 minutes in my morning to perk my coffee and as a result, I’m more grounded, creative, productive and happy. The Unimatic is my daily miracle."

- Greg Dell'Aquila, President, Mission 50 Workspaces

"It’s the coolest coffee pot in the world."

- Trevor Owens, Entrepreneur and Author

"Complimenting the Unimatic is like complimenting a Rolls Royce. You just don't. It's beyond compliments. You don't say, 'Nice Rolls Royce' - the Unimatic is the classic."

- DJ Cynthia Cherish, Heritage Radio