Ambassador Program

We're building an army - fueled by great coffee!

We are excited to spread the word out about our coffee and our mission and have decided to take a somewhat unorthodox approach to building out our team. Our goal is to not only build a salesforce and sell more of our products, but also to make an impact in the lives of young girls and find a way to pass along the wisdom and confidence that we learned over coffee.

Here's how we're doing it: a program called Legacy Out Loud has created the methodology that is building the next generation of confident young women leaders. The Legacy Out Loud curriculum revolves around mission, mindset and mentorship and gives young women a playbook for reverse engineering their life and career to create the impact in the world that they so desire.

“Legacy Out Loud has changed the way I view myself in the world and given me the tools I need to reach my world-changing potential. ”— Radiance C., Legacy Out Loud '17

Until now, the program has been invite only, run once per year or hosted as an offsite retreat/immersion course, but we are immensely proud to say that:

We've formed a partnership with Legacy Out Loud to offer the opportunity to access the same tools and curriculum to anyone, at any time, from any location, without the normal costs associated. This partnership created Caffe Unimatic's Ambassador Program.


How does Ambassador Program work and what do I learn in Unimatic University? Remember selling Girl Scout cookies? Well, take that model, subtract the cookies and add tools, teachings, perks and support that will serve you long into the future, for example:

  • Training in: high impact communication, leadership, entrepreneurship and mindset programming
  • Knowledge of all the facts you need to talk about our coffee and company like you've been with us forever (and access to our amazing coffee!)
  • Community of vibrant, driven, passionate young women like yourself that will challenge you, support you and cheer for you on your journey
  • Title of "Ambassador" with our company and some pretty cool business cards that serve as the best kind of conversation starter - trust us, we use them, too and get compliments ALL the time! :)
  • Resources from the Legacy Out Loud curriculum and methodology that you will unlock along the way (and yet another community of driven, passionate, game changers like you)
  • Commissions from your sales (P.S. some people thought we'd want you to pay us for the Legacy Out Loud curriculum, but we don't - you unlock the modules as you reach sales milestones and we pay your tuition to Legacy Out Loud. This is our way of giving back, and we're proud to be able to impact lives in this way)! Also, if you crush your sales goals, you can also win a scholarship to the immersive retreat style course run semi annually (think alternative spring break in places like Nicaragua, the Hudson Valley of NY, Italy, etc.).
  • Most importantly... you build confidence in yourself and your abilities

What do you need to do next? Let us know you're interested, go through our Unimatic University course to get up to speed on everything you need to know and then, the sky's the limit! To enroll in our next Unimatic University training or with any questions you have, please reach out to us at!

We're not sure which we're more excited about: you being a part of our family or that we will get to be a part of your story! 


A Note from our Founder:

Elisabeth Cardiello"Telling this story changed me. It gave me something so unique to share. Besides the fact that coffee is universal and can put an instant smile on people's faces, this wasn't just another product. The reason for its existence gave it meaning that people instantly connected with. Identifying with something bigger than yourself and sharing that with others is magical. Getting to talk about this company has awakened an unshakable confidence in me and when I step back, not sharing that opportunity with others feels almost selfish. We are ready to expand, excited to build an army and overjoyed to let them use these tools to drive themselves forward, the way they've driven me forward." -ELC