The UN's Global Entrepreneurship Congress proved the need for Legacy Out Loud

It's official! At the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in South Africa, attended by 172 countries, the outcome of the Design Thinking panel proved, in no uncertain terms, that the world needs Legacy Out Loud (insert the biggest, proudest smile here)!

I was slated to be speaking at the conference the next afternoon and was invited to participate in the Design Thinking course run by the Kauffman Foundation and the UN's Global Entrepreneurship Network. Of course the panel itself was inspiring - these guys do it right! - but it also became the basis for a real time study that proved exactly why our program and methodology is needed (not just in the US and not just for young girls, actually, but universally).

We were split up into groups to work through a bunch of predetermined questions. My group and I chose to answer the question that was labeled as the elephant in the room - "what is the one thing that could prevent your success more than anything else?" The entire room of entrepreneurs from all over the world answered that question. An overwhelming ~80% of the room responded that it would be an internal factor that would most likely cause them to fail: be that their mindset, their fear, their ego, etc. Let me repeat that, EIGHTY PERCENT of entrepreneurs (men and women, young and old, start ups and the supremely successful from all over the globe) stated the need for confidence and mindset training (especially for the next generation)!

Our team was then tasked with answering what could be done to solve this problem - and here's when I jumped for joy: Our team literally described the Legacy Out Loud curriculum as the solution to this problem. Our outcome (that I had the opportunity to present to the entire community - see photo) stated that specific types of youth education would solve the mindset problem once and for all (but also that this education was needed for all entrepreneurs). The world has spoken... the Legacy Out Loud methodology is the key to helping entrepreneurs young and old create and maintain the mindset needed to thrive... and since we are over-the-moon-excited to act on this new information, we've decided a few BIG things:

  1. This program can no longer be just for girls in the US anymore, and it certainly can't remain invite only, SO: we are pleased to announce that we are preparing to host (at least) one retreat each year (think "alternative spring break"), where young women can come together, challenge themselves, cheer for each other, and leave with an unshakable sense of confidence, direction, passion, the skill set of an empathetic leader, honed communication skills and a roadmap to create the impact they desire and leave the legacy they aspire to in this world. To join the tribe and be kept in the loop, sign up here
  2. Since this event can't possibly accommodate everyone, we are also opening up an opportunity for us to come to you (wherever you are in the world) and create this experience for you and 5+ other young women, friends, classmates, sisters, colleagues, etc. All inquiries, please contact Elisabeth at
  3. Lastly, Caffe Unimatic has officially partnered with Legacy Out Loud to create a way to offer this curriculum to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Check out our new Ambassador program for more details here!

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