The Daily Brew

Thanksgiving-time Thoughts

From the outset, this business has been a constant exercise in creating and letting go - actions that trigger totally opposite emotions, yet somehow always leading to further creation. Lately, it’s been about letting go of our old logo and coffee packaging to make room for the new (unveiling to come!)... but at first, it was simply about creating something from loss that would push me forward, to keep me from having to let go....

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Interviewed by Kathy Ireland on TV!

If you remember, a few years ago, Professor Doan Winkel, saw that the young women in his entrepreneurship classes were performing better than their male counterparts. Although, there were only a small fraction of the number of young women in this classes in comparison to young men. He was perplexed and set out to find out why. He asked over 600 women entrepreneurs, investors, etc. (including me!) why we believed young women weren't jumping in, and everyone said the same thing, confidence. At...

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National Coffee Day Newsletter!

After a little summer break, we're excited to restart this monthly correspondence with you! We have a ton to catch you up on (like what it was like to fly to LA and be interviewed by Kathy Ireland!), but for now let's pause, like we do every year at this time. National Coffee Day is extra special for us here at Caffè Unimatic because tomorrow is Dad's Anniversary. At a time of year when we might...

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Uni-magic in Montana!

My Unimatic has traveled the world and shared the warmth of legacy with so many people, but this trip and these people meant more than words can describe.

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How one phone call can change everything!

For us, thinking and praying for those impacted by Harvey and Irma brought back so many memories of our own experience with Hurricane Sandy - that's been the reason for our silence here. It all just hit close to home, really close. This morning, however, I received a phone call. A man's voice said "hi, is this Elisabeth with Caffe Unimatic? I saw you on Frankie Cooks and love the story of your business, your coffee...

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"The Unimatic changed my life. I somehow found an extra 20 minutes in my morning to perk my coffee and as a result, I’m more grounded, creative, productive and happy. The Unimatic is my daily miracle."

- Greg Dell'Aquila, President, Mission 50 Workspaces

"It’s the coolest coffee pot in the world."

- Trevor Owens, Entrepreneur and Author

"Complimenting the Unimatic is like complimenting a Rolls Royce. You just don't. It's beyond compliments. You don't say, 'Nice Rolls Royce' - the Unimatic is the classic."

- DJ Cynthia Cherish, Heritage Radio