When women with a mission gather, the world listens

The 3rd Annual Master Your Mission trip is set and we changed the format this year to open our doors and bring together more women who are determined to leave their mark on the world. 

Years from now, you may look back at this point in your life and ask: "Did I rise? Did I show up?" In these rapidly changing times, we have been inspired by the millions of women coming together to create a better world, so we are breaking the mold with this year's Master Your Mission. Instead of taking an intimate group overseas, we are taking root in Big Sky country and opening our doors to create a summit for the pioneering women of our time who are forging the path for generations to come.

When women with a mission come together, the rest of the world listens...

Join us and a group of phenomenal women in Missoula, Montana this September 17-21st for the 3rd edition of Master Your Mission!! Apply here.