National Coffee Day 2016

Dearest Unimatic family,

Happy National Coffee Day!!! 

Since starting this caffeinated journey, we learned that coffee is universal. Like sport, it transcends languages, cultures and barriers of all kinds. It’s one thing that almost everyone has in common. It’s something that connects people in ways unspoken and unseen, but there’s more in it for us. Here’s why we love celebrating National Coffee Day:

On September 30, 2010 we lost an inspiration in the man who originally brought the Unimatic to life. This man was a visionary. This man was my Dad... I never imagined genuinely regarding the day preceding that anniversary as any sort of celebration, but then again… I also never imagined building a company around something that would become an inspiration and staple in the mornings of so many people around the world. I never thought that a simple thing like coffee could help me find a passion and a voice. I always thought that a loss was a loss, but somehow we’ve emerged by gaining a new kind of family; a family built around a legacy, shared values, rituals and a way of life. I never thought that September 29th would be a day of happiness, but then again, I never felt the true meaning of National Coffee Day... until now.

As you know, what we’re building isn’t just a business, it’s a movement and today, we hope you will share our story with even just one other person or, better yet share yours... Telling our story the first, second and even third time wasn't easy, but you, our patient, steadfast supporters were there to listen. Over the next year we will be expanding by leaps and bounds and we want to thank you for being our foundation. To us, the celebration starts today, but will continue through the weekend, so we hope you find the time to share the ritual of coffee with someone who may need or deserve your time most. 

To the magic of coffee...