June Newsletter

Dearest coffee lovers,

In recent years we’ve been known to get quiet around Father’s Day and this year was no different, but we’re declaring the celebration of Dads to last throughout the upcoming week. Why? Because we’re also celebrating my Dad’s birthday on Wednesday, June 21st. 

We don’t normally do this, because when your product is akin to a rare piece of art and only available in limited edition, “sales” aren’t really a thing. Wouldn't it be amazing though, if we could share and celebrate Dad's birthday by sharing some of who he was with others... by giving families a reason to linger at the table together and letting the Unimatic be a talisman of inspiration and forward momentum? We want to do that this week, so between now and Sunday, June 25th, if you use the code “HBDDad” you’ll receive 10% off of your orders at Caffe Unimatic. 

Also, we’d love if you’d have a look at the articles we included in our newsletter (click here to view this letter as intended), namely "My life's work and what you didn't know about TEDx." We’ve created something. Something that started at our breakfast table, over Unimatic coffee. It’s very close to our heart and we’re both overwhelmingly excited and utterly terrified to put it into the world - but then again, that’s how you’re supposed to feel when you’re doing your life’s work… and it all started because we told the story of the Unimatic. For us, this little pot is the gift that keeps on giving and now, we get to give back in ways we never imagined. Thank you for letting us!  

Elisabeth + your Caffè Unimatic family