Interviewed by Kathy Ireland on TV!

If you remember, a few years ago, Professor Doan Winkel, saw that the young women in his entrepreneurship classes were performing better than their male counterparts. Although, there were only a small fraction of the number of young women in this classes in comparison to young men. He was perplexed and set out to find out why. He asked over 600 women entrepreneurs, investors, etc. (including me!) why we believed young women weren't jumping in, and everyone said the same thing, confidence. 

At the same time, I was learning about the power of legacy, post traumatic growth (aka resilience) and what gave me the confidence to start something good in the wake of something hard. I was also wanting to train a sales force to spread Caffè Unimatic far and wide, but saw that many young people weren't particularly excited by the prospect of "sales" in the standard sense. Doan and I partnered and it became our mission to instill an unshakable confidence in the next generation of young women to create an army of female entrepreneurs and leaders that know who they want to be, what they want to give and what they want to leave behind in the world.

As you may know, we've developed and tested a methodology that actually creates confidence, cultivates resilience and gives young women the tools they need to find and use their voice and reverse engineer their life. We are excited to announce that we are hosting our first Spring Break Immersion Retreat this March in Sedona, Arizona - so if you have young women in your life, feel free to forward this along!! 

Thank you for your continued support, I couldn’t imagine a more worthwhile investment of time and energy - especially at this particular moment in history.
And the news doesn't stop there. Kathy Ireland loved our mission and what we were building so much that this summer, I flew to LA so that she could interview me on her Worldwide Business TV show. 
It aires THIS SUNDAY, October 22nd at 5:30PM ET on FOX BUSINESS
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We hope you’ll tune in to cheer us on and we’d love it if you’d share our story with one other person (or more if you feel called)! This has been a long time in the making and we couldn’t be prouder to be putting it into the world especially at this time in history. 
Thank you for your continued support, I couldn’t imagine a more worthwhile investment of time, energy and love.

What the Unimatic family is saying…

"The Unimatic changed my life. I somehow found an extra 20 minutes in my morning to perk my coffee and as a result, I’m more grounded, creative, productive and happy. The Unimatic is my daily miracle."

- Greg Dell'Aquila, President, Mission 50 Workspaces

"It’s the coolest coffee pot in the world."

- Trevor Owens, Entrepreneur and Author

"Complimenting the Unimatic is like complimenting a Rolls Royce. You just don't. It's beyond compliments. You don't say, 'Nice Rolls Royce' - the Unimatic is the classic."

- DJ Cynthia Cherish, Heritage Radio