How one phone call can change everything!

For us, thinking and praying for those impacted by Harvey and Irma brought back so many memories of our own experience with Hurricane Sandy - that's been the reason for our silence here. It all just hit close to home, really close.

This morning, however, I received a phone call. A man's voice said "hi, is this Elisabeth with Caffe Unimatic? I saw you on Frankie Cooks and love the story of your business, your coffee and everything it stands for. I just received my Unimatic and made my first pot of coffee and in your note, you said to call you with anything I needed... and I am calling because I need to thank you. I need to thank you because I love everything about Unimatic #269 and the coffee I just brewed. I know it will make my morning for years to come, so thank you for that and for doing what you do." Dearest Kevin, words can't describe what you just did for me... I needed this reminder and especially during a time when so much of our country is going through a hard time, I needed to be reminded that what we are doing is inspiring people to linger at the table just a little longer with loved ones and drink in the moments that truly matter. I remember how eye opening it was for me during the aftermath of Sandy, that people always showed up during the cleanup with coffee in hand. It's what they brought as a symbol of comfort and it made me see just how important something as simple as coffee really is. It's a talisman, a symbol of the little moments that matter most. Thank you Kevin, for reminding us that we are putting more comfort into the world than we realize.

[Also, big thank you to Frankie for bringing us into your world and helping us spread our story and mission. You inspire us we will always support anything you're a part of!]

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What the Unimatic family is saying…

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329