Happy Spring from our table to yours...

No matter what holiday you celebrate, it seems that humans very often come together around the table. We at Caffè Unimatic believe that the table is a sacred place and that pouring just one more cup of coffee to linger with loved ones is one of the most special (and simple) things you can commit to doing not just on holidays, but all year long. 

Last month we spoke at a United Nations conference in South Africa (details below) and one theme kept percolating for us: connection. With delegates from over 170 countries in attendance, we spoke on the topic of entrepreneurship, resilience, confidence and crossing international borders. What we found ourselves sharing was perhaps not fancy or profound, but rather quite simple and unsurprisingly in line with why we love what we do so much. Since our entire planet is open for business (thank you, Internet) our challenge revolves less around reaching across borders (and getting caught up in rat race that can go along with that). Instead, as entrepreneurs, but also just as humans, our greater challenge is to reach across the table to connect with another person. No matter what your goal is, it seems that you get much further, much faster that way (take it from us, the Unimatic has spread to 10 countries already)!

We hope your holidays were joyful and we look forward to sharing some key announcements with you, our family, in the very near future. We think you're going to be super proud of all that's been going on behind the scenes! #bigthingsarebrewing 

Elisabeth + your Caffè Unimatic family