Fall Newsletter: National Coffee Day 2012!

Ciao friends & coffee lovers!

Happy National Coffee Day! You’ve expressed interest in Caffè Unimatic and today seemed like the perfect opportunity to send a greeting and bring you up to speed.

This note is extremely special to me because its recipients (wonderful people like you!) have been a huge source of support and inspiration throughout this process. You’ve been genuinely interested, you’ve helped spread the word and you’ve chimed in with some amazing ideas. You have been and will be my partners in building my Dad’s little coffee maker into a great brand and tribute to him, so most importantly, I wanted to say thank you!

As you know, my main priority this year has been real estate, so this project has taken a bit of a back seat, but we are excited about the progress we’ve made and the success we’ve built thus far (see attachment!). The most exciting news however, is that we are releasing the first block of Unimatics!!! Beginning tomorrow, the first 50 will be available to you only as a thank you for being the early adopters, first movers and my partners in this journey. Please continue spreading the word! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Our website:
We have a website!!! Check us out at: www.caffèunimatic.com.
In our humble opinion, it not only looks cool (thanks to theBakery.org!) but the photo has much more significance than meets the eye (thanks, Jeff!). If you look closely, you’ll see that it is taken from atop a very special hill, on the campus of Wagner College – Go Seahawks!

Our blend: San Pietro Brunetta.
We have our very own blend of coffee & it will be available oh-so-soon!!
We’ve been working with a (phenomenal) roaster to perfect a blend that we can call our own (we learned a ton about the art and science of brewing in the process) & are proud to say that this roast was created specifically for the Unimatic in every way. Named for my Dad, Peter Cardiello, the Unimatic’s creator & San Pietro al Tanagro, the small southern Italian town where he was born, we are excited to call this our flagship blend. And we’re already working on the second and third, so buckle up, because our blends will take you on a tour of Italy!

Our first speaking engagement.
Back in July, Caffè Unimatic was one of 4 speakers (& the only woman!) featured at “The Panel of New Ideas” held at Projective Space, an incubator on Manhattan’s LES & sponsored by AOL Ventures, Terrafossil & Eventbrite. We were humbled to be amongst such driven and impressive entrepreneurs. To be honest, since very much at the beginning of our journey, we initially felt like we weren’t anywhere near their caliber. Apparently the rest of the room didn’t agree because the reception and overwhelming interest that we received afterward was incredible! Now we have people seeking us out because they heard the story and fell in love! Who knew word would spread so fast?! Note to self: never underestimate the power of a true and meaningful story…

Other fun news: Broadway, baby?
The Unimatic is going to be featured in (drumroll, please…) “Coffee: The Musical”!!! Back in March, I read this article in The New Yorker about the show in the making and found myself, Unimatic in hand, heading to seek out and befriend the play’s producer at “Coffee Fest.” Disclaimer: I didn’t really think that I’d: a) find him or b) have much success snagging the Unimatic a cameo. Regardless, a coffee trade show seemed like something that should be on my radar, so it was worth a shot, right? Well surprise! I not only found and chatted with Robert, but he fell in love with the pot and our story asked if we’d allow him to write it into Act II (!!!), so yes, she’s going to be a star.

Want to try our coffee for free?
Let us send you a unique code to use in your order!

What the Unimatic family is saying…

"Thank you so much, I happened to see the program on Netflix called Coffee for All. As you refer to my net coffee pot as a "her" she will be appropriately named "Grace" after my grandmother who gave me my first percolator coffee pot at the age of 18. Now as I brew coffee in the mornings I will think of my grandparents more often."

- Joe, family member of Unimatic #392

"I am truly happy with the Unimatic. A perfect cup of coffee and the story that goes with it even makes it more enjoyable."

- David, family member of Unimatic #418

Thank you dearest Elisabeth for being the much needed catalyst for change. For sharing your remedy for our home life that has been suspended after much trial and trauma. We laughed, shared, marveled and lingered the table discussing your father’s creation. We spent time together as a family, enjoying the newness of what is usually the mundane. Creating your shared legacy... a cup of coffee. The Unimatic made our house a home... long gone are the quick days of the Keurig or nearest coffee shop. We look forward to spending tomorrow morning with Brunetta.

- Monica, family member of Unimatic #329