Do you know girls in high school or college?

Legacy Out Loud has built the methodology that is instilling confidence in the next generation of young women leaders. This summer we will no longer be an invite only platform and will host our first retreat!

Be sure to sign up here to be kept in the loop! Spots will be limited.

What to expect? Our first retreat will run in the Summer of 2017 for 4 nights and 5 days in an inspirational location Upstate New York (to be disclosed at a later date!) where young women can come together, challenge themselves, cheer for each other, and leave with an unshakable sense of confidence, direction, passion, the skill set of an empathetic leader, honed communication skills and a roadmap to create the impact they desire and leave the legacy they aspire to in this world.

Other opportunities to join us on retreat will be over Spring and Winter breaks (think alternative Spring Break / "Spring Break for the Soul" as we like to call it)... 

What will we learn? Lots. Specifically, one will come away with a deeper understanding of: themselves, their values, their motivations and the motivations of others, brain science, crafting (or as we like to call it, reverse engineering) one's career / life / legacy, the art of sales, high impact communication and storytelling, a roadmap for making one's mark on the world, financial literacy, how to ask for support and feedback and leadership skills of all kinds. 

We can't wait to share this program far and wide! Be sure to join our tribe to be kept in the loop, here!